All natural, yet so magical.


We first made this hair oil for cancer patients to help in the hair loss and damage that was caused by all the chemicals in their bodies. When we saw the magical results we decided to make it a product for everyone. Everyday elements take a toll on the condition of your hair and this organic scalp and hair oil helps restore your hair back to health.

Scalp & Hair Oil


This wonderful scalp & hair oil is used for all hair types. We essentially started this product for Cancer Patients’. Most men and women style their hair to some degree daily which is damaging. Whether it is a quick blow-dry or a complex ritual of moussing, blow-drying, using hot rollers, brushing, applying gel, curling irons, straighteners, and hair spray, your hair takes a lot of abuse. Environmental stress is also another factor. Sunshine, salt water, chlorine, smoking, pollution and dry air all take their toll on your hair’s health. Shampooing quite often can strip away your hair’s natural oils.


2 oz. Bottle

Hair is not meant to take constant abuse.

This hair oil is a hair conditioner and scalp stimulator.

Massage 2 teaspoons into your scalp down through the ends of your hair for 2 to 3 minutes. Wrap your head in a plastic bag or shower cap for 30 to 45 minutes then shampoo. Another effective way is to massage into your scalp and ends of your hair, leave in overnight and shampoo in the morning. The essential oils will also help you relax and they smell wonderful.


IngredientsJojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Essential Oil Rosemary, Essential Oil Basil, Essential Oil Lavender, Essential Oil Lemongrass, Essential Oil of Lemon, Essential Oil of Sandalwood


Weight 4 oz


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