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Our GVH Signature Skin Care Line uses only the highest quality oils, butters, and essential oils. We use organic ingredients based on availability. The formulas are simple and directed toward dry, sensitive, damaged, or aging skin. They have been tested on ourselves and friends. The high quality ingredients all work together to protect, nourish and support your skin naturally.

Botanical Cleanser Toner

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The Botanical Cleanser & Toner's formula includes Green Tea, an anti-oxidant to reduce sun damage; Chamomile, which cleanses and strengthens delicate tissue while reducing puffiness; and Elder Flower, to cleanse, tone and soothe irritations. Gently removes make-up and impurities, while revitalizing, balancing, and firming. Cucumber extract, Witch Hazel and Lemon essential oil cool and soothe skin for a refreshing experience.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, *Green Tea Infusion, *Chamomile Infusion, *Elder Flower Infusion, Cucumber Extract, Vitamin E, *Glycerin, *Witch Hazel, *Sesame Oil, Lemon Essential Oil. *(Organic)
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